Words from Principal

Every morning, it makes me joyful to walk on the charming Chongcing campus, which is full of many kinds of magnificent trees. aThe campus is so well-orginzed that it is like a beautiful park belonging to the entire community. aStudents of this school feel happy to be able to grow and study in this environment.

There are about 950 students in our school. aThe majority are good children, who do not littier, although you can occasionally see garbage on the campus. aA clean environment needs to be maintained by everyone. aThere are those who are active, not only in picking up any litter that they may find but also in correcting those who litter. aWe hope children can establish the habit of keeping the environment clean. aThis will make a great impact on friends, family, school, and of course, the whole country.

"Let's do it."


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Address:358, Chongcing Rd., Situn District, Taichung City 40751