The History of Chongcing Elementary School
a August 2007 Mrs. Liu, Shu-giu was renominated as the sixth principal.
a August 2005 Mrs. Hsu, Shu-jung was renominated as the fifth principal.
a August 2001 Mrs. Hsu, Shu-jung was renominated as the fourth principal.
a October 1999 The constructions of English classrooms and facilities were completed.
a August 1999 The school set up resource classes.
a May 1999 The construction of the stadium was completed.
a October 1997 The school started building the stadium.
a August 1997 Mrs. Hsu, Shu-jung inaugurated as the third principal.
a August 1993 Mrs. Wu, Mei-hsien inaugurated as the second principal.
a November 1992 Principal Lin passed away. Mr. Ku, Tai-chou was appointed as the acting principal.
a September 1992 The school started recruiting students.
a February 1992 Mr. Lin, Ke-ming was appointed as the first principal.
a October 1990 Taichung City Government officially authorized the establishment of the school. Principal Lin, Chun-yen was in charge of organizing the school.

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Address:358, Chongcing Rd., Situn District, Taichung City 40751